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Welcome to The Illuminated Spirit.   Whether you are looking  to reduce stress, protect yourself from negative energies or entities, get in touch with higher energies or simply bring more positive things into your life, there are many ancient and natural ways to accomplish this.   We didn't always understand or believe in many of the things we offer here.  We were open minded enough to learn and we were amazed at all the additional tools at our disposal.   We hope you can find something here to help you bring more positive energy into your life and illuminate your spirit!

Thanks for visiting,
Michelle and Dave Juliano

Phone: 609-261-2361
You can visit us inside the:
The GhostHunter Store
16 Church Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060

We have many more items and a larger selection on our main store's website AND
even more available in person at our store front in Mount Holly, NJ
16 Church St, Mount Holly, NJ

Crystals and
Gem Stones

Pendulums Candles
and Incense

Jewelry Pyramids

Tingsha Bells Antique
Singing Bowls